Digital Data Capture

Insite Solution puts the power in your hands. A flexible system that allows you to customize according to your needs; track and analyze to move your business to the next level:

  • Production: Identify opportunities for efficiency

  • Input controls: Minimize errors from the beginning

  • Process Management: Improve product yield

  • Information availability: Instantaneous reports to multiple users

  • Security: Multi-level access, password protected

  • Inventory>: Accurate and timely, make the business decisions you need with data now.

  • Reporting: Real-tome and historical at the click of a mouse

  • Logistics tracking: Support customer satisfaction and respoind to questions or product recall

  • Reliability: Supports relationships with customers and vendors

Dont let your business control you - with © Insite Solution, you can control your business.

Seafood Traceability

Seafood traceability is a key question today as we manage our personal health, specific fishery health, overall seafoodsustainability, and plan for a future where all people have access to enough food that is responsibly produced. Insite Solution is a first mover in developing a system that allows for complete integration of information at every step of the supply chain.

From fishermen to processors to suppliers to wholesale to retail…Insite Solution is a key to helping build your business.

Track from the moment and point of capture to the end sale. Truly manage your business with access to real-time data and reporting to meet your business needs. Insite Solution is the only traceability system on the market todaythat connects you to your business with pragmatism and cost efficiency. Manage the traceability of your inventory with reporting that gives you detail down to a particular piece of a whole fish to the broadest of inquiries.

Traceability is not only a requirement for good business, it’s a selling point to create trust and higher value with your customers.

Our Products

These are the key features that set these applications apart from existing data capture systems:

Technology: Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our technology ensures accurate, fast, and easy data capture of all required key data elements. The data base is expandable to ensure the system meets your ongoing needs.

Scale and Scanner Technology: Experience real-time, wireless data capture that eliminates the need for cumbersome cables, manual data logging, and paper based data entry.

Traceability Technology: Trace every step of your products journey, from source to customer, ensuring accuracy and reliability within your data management system, quickly retrieved and reported, whenever needed.

Server-Side Analysis: Data and Web servers deliver real-time reporting and analysis to all authorized people with access, providing timely, valuable Insight for better-informed decisions. Always online, available when your operations are running.

Scale, Printer, and Scanner Integration: Seamlessly connect scanners, scales, printers, and tablets through our Apps, to your servers, making data capture, label printing, and reporting a breeze.

Shipper Integration with UPS/FedEx: Thanks to integrated UPS and FedEx support, label and ship your products easily.

Easy-to-use, Hassle-Free Data Recording: Our user-friendly interfaces make data capture of your key data elements quick, simple, and error-free, creating efficiencies and cost savings, reducing frustration, and focusing your Team on the product and the customer, which is what matters to them, and to you.


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